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How many charities are there in NZ?

A question frequently asked is “how many charities are there in NZ?” The enquirer is usually using the term ‘charity’ to include all manner of non-profit entities and it appears that no-one knows the answer for certain! The Charities Services website  shows an updated count […]

Print or E-news?

Despite the hype and anticipation 20 years or so back, the “paperless office” is not yet ubiquitous. In fact, the ability to quickly print off a personal or file copy means that sales of copy paper are at an all-time […]

Opinion: Too easy to register?

We received an expression of concern from an advisory trustee, who was approached by a personal acquaintance some months ago concerning the formation of a charitable trust.  Considering the overly ambitious nature of the proposal, the crowded market with competing […]